Monday, July 29, 2013

Cleaning Up {Goal Planning Monday}

I had quite a productive week last week, and I have pictures to share.

My primary goal was to rescue the schoolroom. This bookcase now holds Lauren's read-alouds and readers, Brennan's read-alouds, and a few books from Addison's curriculum (ones that didn't fit on the shelves in her room).

The other bookcase is still full, but a lot more organized than it was. The bottom shelf has Lauren's favorite pictures books on one side and our easy chapter books on the other side. The second shelf from the bottom holds our favorite chapter books, ones that I suspect she'll grow into sometime this year. The third shelf has favorite books that I like to keep handy (The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury, Winnie the Pooh) and some reference materials (Dictionary, Atlas). I have a shelf full of my teacher's materials , answer keys, catalogs, etc. On the very top shelf we have a few board books to share with visitors, some classical music CDs, and a set of easy chapter books that I need to send to my nephew.

The bookcase looks like it has more books in the after picture because I also cleaned up a huge pile on the floor. (I'd take a picture of the clean floor, but I have piles of laundry in there at the moment.)

I had so much fun seeing the before-and-after pictures today that I'm going to post next week's goals as pictures, too.

My desk:

The catch-all spot in our kitchen:

Be looking for the pictures of nicely organized areas that I'll post next Monday. Neither project should take too long so I might have more clean pictures to share too.

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  1. Great projects. I need to do more photos for my posts, but I don't have as many goals that include cleaning and organizing right now. Good luck on more cleaning this week. God Bless.



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