Friday, June 7, 2013

Rockin' the Pink Cast {Think Back Thursday}

I took a bit of an unscheduled vacation earlier this week when Lauren spent two night in the hospital for a broken arm. It brought back memories of other broken arms and other hospital stays.

At one point, Lauren asked me if she had ever had a pink cast before. I knew that her very first cast was pink, but I couldn't remember how many others were. This afternoon, I hunted through the pictures to find more pink cast pictures.

Summer 2008:

Fall 2008:
This time it was a pink cast on her left arm. She's wearing a hard splint/brace made for her right arm because it had been in a cast up until she broke her left arm. 

Summer 2013 (leaving the hospital yesterday):

Lauren had a bit more pain than expected today, but she's now sleeping peacefully. I suspect that the broken arm will only slow her down for a few days.

Since it's Thursday and I've hunted through old pictures to share, I'm going to link up with the Think Back Thursday posts at Debbie's Digest. Hopefully Debbie will forgive me for not playing along with this week's patriotic theme.

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  1. Aw - so sorry that you had a hospital 'vacation'. Lauren - hope you feel better soon and your arm heals up quickly without giving you too much pain.

  2. Does Lauren have a condition that makes her arm break a lot?(I am not trying to be rude it just seems like 3 broken arms is a lot)

  3. The short answer is kind of. Her bones are fine, but she had weak muscles that make her slightly more uncoordinated (it was worse when she was younger) and more likely to fall badly (can't land safely or catch herself well). This break was a normal kid accident -- monkey bars.

  4. I am on Firefox and I can only see one of the photos. I don't know what is going on. I tried reloading the page and reloading your whole blog. Still the first 2 pictures don't show up.

    So sorry about your dd's break and having an unscheduled vacation at the hospital is no fun. Hope she is feeling better by now and adjusting to the cast.

    Thanks for linking up and don't ever worry about doing my linky and not following the theme. I am just happy to have ANYONE link up! God Bless.

  5. Sorry... that is the to 4 pictures that I can't see.. not the top 2. :P



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