Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Five for Friday June 14th (a day late)

1. Addison made it safely home from her choir tour. She has tons of stories about all she saw in the Bay Area, everywhere they sang, and all the food she ate. She brought home two pounds of belly flops for us all to share.

2. Brennan played his last baseball game of the season on Monday night. I'm awfully proud of the way he played this season and kept a good attitude through it all.

3. Lauren had a check-up with her orthopedic surgeon Friday. Overall, everything looks pretty good. She switched casts to a slightly smaller red one, and the doctor put a loop on it so that it'll be easier to keep still. He says this style is more old-fashioned than a regular sling, but we can already tell that it's a lot easier than worrying about her arm slipping out of the sling.

4. I bought this shirt at Target the other night because I loved the saying. I can see me wearing it often.

5. I'm not sure if running is making me more fit or more crazy. Tim and I got up super-early this morning for a training run -- 8.5 miles of running/walking around the hilliest route I know of in this area. I'm pleased that we averaged slightly better than a 12 minute mile. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to run the whole way when it comes time for the race in September.

I enjoy sharing five random thoughts on Fridays, even though I'm a day late this week. If you'd like to join the fun, you can either click on the "Random 5 on Friday" button above or visit The Pebble Pond.

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