Monday, June 24, 2013

Goal Planning Monday -- Mommy-and-Me Camp

I posted last week about how one big goal was to make sure I had everything packed for camp in time that I didn't have to stay up late Saturday night finishing things up. I was not up late, but it didn't all work out the way I expected. Last Wednesday, I made the heart-breaking decision not to take Lauren to church camp this summer.

Since everybody else is at camp this week (either church camp or Boy Scout camp), Lauren and I are having Mommy-and-Me Camp.

When I asked Lauren what she wanted to do this week, she responded that she still wanted to watch the show that I had previously agreed to buy for her to watch on the drive to camp. She also wanted to "bake jell-o." Since we've already watched the TV show and made jell-o, I'm trying to come up with more activities.

My primary goal this week is to keep ourselves busy without relying on electronic entertainment. We've all spent a bit too much time with our electronic devices this summer, and we're overdue for a break.

For this week, Lauren is allowed to use electronics for thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the afternoons. I'll allow an exception if we decide to watch a movie together.

Similarly, I'm only turning on the computer before Lauren gets up in the mornings or after she goes to bed in the evenings. I'm not getting online using the iPod or iPad, either.

My prayer this week is that I'll rely on God to provide enough wisdom and strength to create a wonderful week of memories with just the two of us at home, memories that don't include Mom typing on one computer while Lauren plays Minecraft on both the iPod and the iPad simultaneously.

I hope that Debbie isn't going to ban me from joining Goal Planning Monday because I don't often fall into line with the idea of posting traditional goals that can somehow be measured and checked off on a to-do list. Some weeks I can formulate a numbered to-do list and some weeks I just can't (or just don't want to). This week is more about me refocusing, especially when it comes to the time I spend on the computer and the time I allow my kids to spend using electronic entertainment.

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  1. Debbie would never ban you. You are my only participant. If I banned you I would have no one.

    Just kidding

    Even if I had 50 participants I wouldn't ban you. You can set your goals for the week any way you want. It's your life. You have to live it your way. I am just glad you linked up.

    I hope you had a GRAND week with your daughter and made precious memories. I hope you tell us about them when you link up today.

    I am also WAY sorry that I didn't come and comment before now. I had a CRAZY week. I am working on GPM and will have it up shortly.



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