Monday, February 25, 2013

Goal Planning Monday -- a Catch-Up Week

I missed checking in with Goal Planning Monday last week. On Monday night, I told myself that I'd make time to write a post the next day. Unfortunately, Lauren was sick Monday night and I stayed up most of the night with her. I was exhausted on Tuesday, and then came down with the stomach virus we think she had. Thankfully, it only really bothered me for a day or so. By the time I was back on my feet, Goal Planning was way at the bottom of my priority list.

Progress on ongoing goals:
1. Exercise: Even though I didn't feel like running last week, I still made it to kickboxing (both last week and earlier tonight).

2. Bible Reading: I'm at least a couple of days behind. Having my chronological Bible on the family iPad is a good idea most of the time, but it didn't work too well when I had a sick kiddo that spent much of each day curled up on the couch with the iPad.

3. Scripture Memory: I need to make scripture cards for this week (and maybe last week, too). I still practice when I'm stopped at red lights, but I didn't do as much running around last week.

4. Read: I need to count up my books for the year before I forget them. I just started a Jodi Picoult book that's pretty interesting.

5. Blog: I'm not drowning in deadlines, but I'm not on top of my game as much as I'd wish either.

Accomplishments (aka goals from two weeks ago):
1. Catch up with long-term goals. It didn't happen last week, but I'm optimistic.

2. Buy ingredients for new lunch recipes. I not only bought ingredients, I also tried a new one today. I thought it was good, but Lauren still didn't have much of an appetite.

3. Digital Photo Organization wasn't a priority in the midst of feeling on the puny side.

4. I did take care of all the various phone calls I needed to make.

New goals:
1. Catch up with my long-terms goals in terms of Bible reading, exercise, and blogging.

2. Blog about the sewing project that I finally finished.

That's all I'm going to set my mind to this week. I have a calendar packed with appointments for this week and housework that got a bit neglected last week. I'm just going to take this week to catch-up.

I'm adding my list of goals and accomplishments to the others at Mama Manuscripts. The GPM link is back at its old home, and we'd love for you to join us.

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  1. You and Kym both had sickness last week. I am so glad it can't be transmitted through the Internet... so I can't catch it from you guys by visiting your blogs.

    I hope you have a much better week and catch up with some of the things you got behind in.

    God Bless and have a great rest of your week.



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