Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rides, Roller Coasters, and Radiant Colors

About ten minutes after I posted Lauren's quote from Space Mountain, it dawned on me that Space Mountain is indeed a Roller Coaster and that Roller Coaster starts with the letter R. Instead of renaming the post to count for this week's Blogging through the Alphabet, I'll just expand it and share more pictures from our Disneyland vacation last week.


Roller Coasters:

In addition to riding all of the more tame Disney rides, my family also loves riding the wild rides and roller coasters. Lauren was thrilled that there was only one ride that she wasn't quite tall enough to go on. For the most part, I like riding roller coasters but I'm picky about which ones. I don't like drops, especially drops just for the sake of dropping. Since I no longer had an excuse to avoid rides with steep drops by staying behind with a child that was too short for the ride, I got drug on all the rides -- even the Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain, rides that I've successfully avoided for years. Lauren loved them all, but Space Mountain perhaps best of all.

Lauren's favorite person to ride roller coasters with is Brennan. He nicely taught her to ride them with her arms straight up in the air. This is the view I had for many of our rides. Scared me to death.

and Radiant Colors (World of Color show at California Adventure):

I'm sharing all of my pictures of Rides, Roller Coasters, and Radiant Colors for Blogging Through the Alphabet this week.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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  1. I am forever hissing through gritted teeth, "Put. Your. Hands. Down. HOLD. ON." Logic says they wouldn't run the ride if the harness/lap restraint wasn't safe. The mother in me wants to throw up when I see hands up.

  2. I love the picture of Tow Mater. When I was younger I loved roller coasters. I discovered that when we went to Disney World that I could no longer handle spinning rides. Those pictures are great!

  3. It's funny you mentioned the Tow Mater ride. We were all standing in line thinking it looked like such a lame ride. It turned out to be really fun -- some spinning and a whole lot of whipping around the corners.



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