Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reading aloud now, reading aloud to come

Last night I was posting about what book I am reading, and I made a comment about how it helped when I knew that I had another book waiting.

Today I started thinking about how that concept could apply to the books I read to Lauren and Brennan. I often wait until we finish one book before I start thinking about the next book. If it takes me a few days to decide what to read and then perhaps a few more days to find the book at the library, we've lost our momentum. Sometimes we lose our momentum towards the end of a book because we just don't want it to end and don't have anything else to look forward to.

Instead of just sharing what we're currently reading, I'm going to share what we're going to read next.

Brennan and I are reading Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson. I don't usually pick futuristic type books, but since it's set at Disney World, I thought it would be an interesting read. So far, Brennan and I are intrigued.

This evening, Addison told me about a book that is going to be our next read aloud -- The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. She said it was "a lot like Grease, except it's junior high, and it's cleaner, and it's a decade later." I'm still not sure what she meant, but she did say it would be a great read-aloud for us.

Lauren and I started reading The Magic Treehouse series this week. We're a few chapters into the second book now. I'm nearly certain she could be reading these on her own, but she doesn't think she's ready for chapter books yet. The good thing about starting a series of books is that we'll always know which one could be next on our reading list.

We're only going to continue reading Magic Treehouse books for the rest of this week, though. Starting next week, we're going to be using some materials from Girls of American History for much of her schoolwork. The materials are based on the American Girl books, and we'll most likely be starting with Kaya. Luckily, my little sister had a collection of nearly all of the American Girl books, and it was passed down to my girls.

I'm going to link my read-aloud selections for this week (and for the weeks afterwards) with the ones Debra is listing at Footprints in the Butter. You're invited to come get ideas or to share your own book selections.

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  1. what a GREAT idea!

    I need to know what is next too. And have it ready.

    Thanks for linking up!!!



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