Monday, January 21, 2013

Goal Planning Monday (Jan 21st)

I missed a week of Goal Planning Monday posting because the only real goal I had in mind last week was to have fun at Disneyland (and to try to stay warm).

Progress on ongoing goals:
1. Exercise: I only ran once last week, but I'm counting all the walking we did on vacation as exercise. I'm still on track for the Couch 2 5K training program that several of us at church are doing together.

2. Bible Reading: I'm one day behind, but I have a good opportunity to catch up while Lauren's doing physical therapy tomorrow afternoon.

3. Scripture Memory: I've been a little lazy with this because the verses were easy. I need to get to work this week.

4. Read: I read a novel while we were gone, and I have another one already picked out to start next. I need to take advantage of the momentum.

5. Blog: I had everything finished and scheduled prior to our trip, perhaps even more than I thought I'd get done. My big priority now is completing a few more items on my "to-review" list and not waiting until the last minute for some of the product reviews I have coming up in February.

In addition to the progress I made on the ongoing goals for this year, I also finished the photo book that I promised to make for my niece's first birthday. According to the tracking information, it is already on its way to my sister.

New goals:
1. Digital Photo Organization: I have tons and tons of pictures that need to be sorted through, edited, organized, and moved to discs for back-up storage. Realistically, I hope to get through the first three months of 2012.

2. Finish the email that I've been procrastinating about for the past few nights.

3. Put our Christmas thank you notes in the mail. Writing them doesn't count for anything if I don't put a stamp on the envelopes and take them to the mailbox.

I'm adding my list of goals and accomplishments to the others at Real Life Unscripted.

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  1. I saw your post with pictures from Disneyland and it certainly looks like you met your goal of having fun! ;-) I need to sort through my photos and organize them someday too. Have a great week!

  2. My sister made a photo book for my Mom for her 90th birthday. It was wonderful. I am a little behind in my Bible Reading too... I hope you get or already got caught up. I try really hard to keep my Digital Photos organized. I back them up to 2 different external drives. I am way behind in backing up my files though... and that has been a goal of mine for 2 weeks now. I am making progress but it will take a while. I have to keep up with backing up my files more often. Christmas thank you notes... I didn't write any yet... I should get that done.

    God Bless and have a great rest of the week.



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