Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O is for Ornament

I made this incredibly cute ornament today, and I can't help sharing. It's my tribute to life as a military family.

For anyone not familiar with the colored stickers that I put on my ornament, they are the stickers that a moving company puts on every single piece of furniture or box that gets moved. Although they are easily removed once everything gets to the other end, it usually takes us a while to get them all peeled off. These were the ones we found by peeking under tables, behind tables, and on some of the garage tools.

The idea for the ornament was not originally mine -- a fellow AF wife saw it on Pinterest and then later posted a picture of her version on Facebook a few weeks ago.

Since ornament begins with "O," I'm going to count this post as my contribution to "Blogging Through the Alphabet" with Ben and Me. If you have any ornament pictures to share, this would be an easy week to join in the fun.

Blogging Through the Alphabet



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