Monday, December 17, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- December 18th

Last week (on Tuesday), I said that I doubted I'd post this week because of our busy plans. I decided that busy wasn't a good excuse -- I'm always busy. Busy isn't an excuse to give up on keeping up with schoolwork, housework, or accomplishing goals.

Last week's goals:
1. Finish Christmas gifts. The two gifts that have to be mailed are wrapped and in their mailing envelopes. I'll have time to stop by a post-office when I'm our running other errands tomorrow.

2. Blog: I didn't finish the reviews, but I've made some more little progress. My recipe for the Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange will be published tomorrow or Wednesday.

3. Calendar: I'm using my latest draft of it to make sure I don't want to make any changes before printing/binding it all.

This week's goals:
1. Gifts: Mail the two packages sitting on the kitchen table. Finish some presents that still have to be made for my immediate family. (I suspect a really late night before too long.) I also have a stash of gifts that still needs to be wrapped. Every year I tell myself that I'm not going to wait until the last minute...

2. Blog: Reviews. If I finish the ornament I'm making, I'll share it for "O" week on Blogging Through the Alphabet. If not, I'll have to find something else to post about.

3. Calendar: make the final revisions and start printing it.

I think that's more than enough to keep me busy until Christmas.

I'm sharing this post with my friends at Real Life Unscripted, where a bunch of us gather to share our goals and encourage each other along the way.


  1. Oh, yum, a virtual cookie exchange. I'm making a note to come back and see your recipe later this week.

    Thanks so much for linking up. I missed you where you were no longer posting as regularly.

    Have a great week.

  2. Hmmmm I like the idea of a virtual cookie exchange... I may have to check that out!! No mess with a virtual cookies exchange and we have lots of favorite cookie recipes... I may try doing one of those myself next year... or find one to join up with!

    Good for you still doing Blogging Through the Alphabet. I started that and gave up early on!

    I have a homemade ornament to do for a friend and a couple things to finish on some ornaments for my family. The ones for my family I will be working on today and my friend until after Christmas so I have a few more days to work on that one.

    God bless, enjoy the rest of your Sunday... Glad you didn't let busyness stop you from linking up and I hope you KEEP linking up with us!



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