Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Goal-Planning Update in Pictures

It seems like I post my goal plans more often on Tuesday (or Wednesday) than I do on Monday.

Two weeks ago, I listed four goals:

1. Run at least once.

2. Catch up (and stay caught up) with my daily Bible reading.
(I took this picture about mid-week last week. I was ahead.)

3. Unpack, purge, organize.
Baby steps.

4. Freeze pomegranates.
(Some were frozen whole, and I popped the arils out of the others. It's a science experiment.)

Last week, I made goals but I never actually posted them.

1. Move books from living room to upstairs.

2. Organize the books in the school area.
It's really hard to see an improvement so I didn't take a pictures. I've unpacked probably a dozen boxes worth of stuff, but the floor is still a disaster.

3. Run.
(I did better when I remembered to put on my knee support thingy.)

4. Stay caught up on my daily Bible reading -- focus on daily.
I was doing great with making the time for daily reading until I hit the craziness of the weekend, a few days of allergy sickness, etc.
5. Stay off of the computer (especially off of my gmail) until at least lunchtime every day. I did pretty good and got lots of work done. My inbox is bursting at the seams, though, because many of my afternoons were busy with activities away from home. I need to figure out a good balance.

My big accomplishment for the past few weeks is shown by all of the empty boxes below. 

I'm scaling way back on my goals for this week. I will definitely continue with my daily Bible reading (emphasis on the daily). We're having company come to visit and I want to enjoy time with them instead of worrying about getting the rest of the house unpacked. I have a few blog posts in mind and a few reviews due soon so I'll probably be online at least some in the evenings (or late at night). My running goal depends on how my allergies fare the rest of the week.

I'm linking my post with others at Real Life Unscripted. Thankfully, my friends there understand that my real life often means a Monday post that doesn't happen until early in the morning on Wednesday. 

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