Thursday, September 13, 2012

Think Back Thursday -- Close Ups

This week's Think Back Thursday challenge was to find (or take) pictures that used the close-up setting on the camera. I know that I have some rose pictures around here somewhere, but I thought it would be more fun to experiment with my camera some more.

The flower and captus pictures were taken a few weekends ago when we went hiking in Sabino Canyon.

This entire cactus was only about the eight or ten inches tall. I spotted the bright peppers as we walked along the path.

Not a close up, but it sets the stage for the close-up of a prickly pear fruit that I took today.

The inside of the prickly pear fruit

I'm linking my close-up pictures with others at Debbie's Think-Back-Thursday meme. She shared some absolutely gorgeous flower pictures today, and we'd love to have more people link up to join us in the photo sharing fun. Next week's theme is Back to School pictures.


  1. I have never seen anything like those peppers on a cactus - interesting!

    My TBT just went up this morning. I'm late. ;-)

  2. Late commenting... but at least I remembered. I also love those peppers on the cactus. Thanks for linking up. Great photos. Thanks also for the comment on my blog and the comments about me at the bottom of your post. Have a great week. God bless.



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