Thursday, September 20, 2012

Think Back Thursday -- Back to School

Since we've now finished six weeks' worth of schoolwork for this year, I guess it's high time that I got around to sharing the snapshots I took on the first day of school.

We were still living in the TLFs (Temporary Living Facilities) on base when we started school. About mid-morning, we went outside to explore the very hot playground nearby.

First Grader
Sixth Grader
High School Freshman

I suppose that the pictures I took last month count for Think Back Thursday, but I went ahead and dug out some older pictures too.

Addison's first day of Kindergarten
One of Addison's first days of homeschooling (first grade)
Brennan preschool, Addison second grade
2010 -- the year I couldn't get any decent pictures
I'm linking my Back to School pictures with others at Debbie's Think-Back-Thursday meme. If you haven't already shared Back to School pictures this year, please join us. Next week, we'll be sharing pictures of something relaxing or peaceful. I think I'm going to hunt for some of those.

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  1. Great photos... all of them. Thanks for linking up. My favorites? Love this year's photos at the park. Great photos. Love the action shots and the reading High Schooler. My other favorite is the montage of the 2010 photos. It's tough getting kids to cooperate. I love the closed eyes and the backwards 4! God bless and I hope you have a great homeschool year.



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