Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- the end of August

I actually started this post on time. I set the computer aside to take the kids to the pool, and then I hustled out the door to a kickboxing class. Afterwards, I was just mush -- physically and mentally. It was a great workout, but a tough one.

I guess if I didn't have an official list of goals yesterday, I did have a good reason.

Last week's goals:

1. Back to basics: I didn't write down where I was in my Bible reading last Monday, but I'm halfway through August 4th now.

2. Put away the random assortment of charging cords that's still dumped on the floor of our room. DONE

3. Clean out my email inbox. There are only 59 unread emails and about 400 total. Baby steps.

4. Get to a point where I'm not playing "catch up" with my blog. More baby steps.

5. Sort through some of the many photos I've taken recently. Baby steps, but I did clean out all the extras from a few days in August.

6. Exercise. Family Time Fitness, a 1.25 mile run this week, some afternoons of jogging around in the pool while the kids swam, and one killer kickboxing class.

This week's goals:

1. Bible reading: If I read two days every day this week, I should be on August 18th by next Monday.

2. Write my goals on Sunday. I keep thinking that GPM means I should write the post on Monday. My new deadline is Sunday -- I'll just schedule it for Monday.

3. Exercise: there's no kickboxing class next Monday night, but I can still keep up with Family Time Fitness and water exercising. Depending on how my knees feel, I may attempt another short run.

4. Meal planning: I need to be more purposeful about planning all the meals (and snacks) that we have. Throwing together something at the last minute isn't working out very well, especially since I'm keeping my pantry minimally stocked until we move into our house. I need to hunt down new ideas for lunches, crock pot meals, and picnics.

5. Family Fun Time: Tim has a four day weekend coming up, and as of right now, we don't have anything planned except for church on Sunday. I want to find something fun to do or someplace fun to explore as a family.

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