Monday, July 9, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- Moving Craziness 7/9

I feel like this post should start with a title reminiscent of Winnie-the-Pooh:

In Which We Have Done So Much To Get Ready For a Move 
and Have Barely Started

What we accomplished last week (aka what goals I met): 
1. Bible reading is still caught up. The counters were sometimes clean, and I remember going to bed at a reasonable time once or twice. We did reading time most of the days that Tim was at work, but skipped it in the busyness of the weekends and holidays.

2. The schoolwork to take is boxed up. I just need to re-gather Lauren's easy readers and tuck in there.

3. All the important medical records are in a binder.

4. All of my recipes are in binders. As I was putting them in page protectors, I realized that much of the stack was printed before we even moved here (2 years ago). Not only did I mark something off of my moving to-do list, I finished something on my unwritten "hope to-do" list.

5. My clothes are sorted into a to-take side and a to-move pile. A whole lot went to Goodwill, too.

6. I've written several blog posts, some of which are scheduled for later this week.

7. Tim took down the trampoline yesterday afternoon, and it's now moved into a friend's yard. I helped a little, but he gets most of the credit for working while I went to the Commissary.

8. We took apart Brennan's basketball goal and emptied the base so that it'll be ready to move. 

This week's goals:
1. Clean out the pantry. Find a way (or several ways) to use the seven five cans of cherries in there.

2. Gather all of the kitchen stuff that I don't want the movers to pack. I plan on taking quite a bit so that we can survive temporary housing for a few months. I've found in the past that even a furnished kitchen doesn't have all the niceties that I like to have when I'm cooking.

3. Plan Lauren's half-birthday party (this Saturday).

4. Find the four library books that are MIA. (Perhaps already back at the library, but not returned off of my account.)

5. Figure out if all the stuff that we want to take with us in the cars will actually fit in the cars (and leave room for passengers).

6. Make sure all of the important files are moved to the laptop computer that we'll have with us while we're moving and living in temporary housing. It will pain me to say goodbye to "my" desktop computer when I let the movers load it on the truck next week.

7. Help Addison pack for her Mission Trip and Choir Tour.

8. Keep smiling! I'll do my part in handling the craziness and trust that God will make it all work out in the end.

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  1. I firmly believe that Number 8 is the key to numbers 1-7.

  2. Wow!!! You are busy. I can't imagine moving. We have lived in our home 15 years now and I can't imagine the hecticness of moving, especially into temporary quarters where you won't take everything and then into permanent housing later. Deciding what to take and what to send on would be torture. It sounds like you are getting a pretty good handle on things. I hope you have a successful week.

  3. I feel for you friend.Glad you can keep smiling!



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