Monday, June 18, 2012

Goal Planning Update in Pictures -- June 18

Instead of typing a lot tonight, I thought it would be fund to post a lot of pictures.

Last week's goals:

1. Basics: Bible reading, dishes, clean kitchen counters, laundry, etc.

Caught up (ahead a day, actually):

Don't they look great?

2. School reading for next year.

A new favorite (from Sonlight Core 100):

A book for me:

3. Moving notebook and planning: 
A start on meal plans for the week we move in (a few meal ideas scribbled on an index card):

4. Move the Goodwill pile to Goodwill, and sort through more of our closets and things to see what we don't need anymore.
The pile (plus a bit more) made it into bags and into my van. Maybe this week it'll make it to Goodwill:

5. Finish tweaking my blog header.
Or, just decide that "good enough" is indeed good enough for now:

6. Write down goals for next week's list!

This week's goals:

1. Basics: I need to pay more attention to going to bed at a reasonable time. Our flexible schedules mean that I'm not always on top of things (including Lauren's late night tube-feeding schedule). Lauren's summer schedule still includes waking up at the crack of dawn, though.

2. More reading. We've been having about a half-hour of family reading time each afternoon, and I'm enjoying getting that time to read more.

3. More moving goals: Furniture measurements. I also need to get the sunroom organized enough that packers can walk in there. Right now, it looks like all of our school materials exploded.

4. Exercise:  I'm struggling to find a good time to run these days, but there's no excuse for not doing my leg lifts. I'd like to add some crunches and push-ups so that I'll have at a mini-workout.

5. Blog: I need to share about our temporary houseguests (caterpillars) and our new pastime (geocaching).

I'm linking my Goal Planning Monday post with others at Real Life Unscripted. Feel free to click below to join us!


  1. What a fun idea to share your goals in pictures! I love it! Hope you have a good week continuing to prep for the move.

    (BTW, your linky at RLU goes back to her blog instead of here to yours.)

  2. Great job meeting your goals! I hope your move goes smoothly.



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