Monday, June 4, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- Catch Up (June 4)

Ugh! Another week went by without posting a Goal Planning Monday entry. My life would run so much more smoothly if I just took a few minutes to plan for my week instead of just trying to get along.

In my defense, I was out of town last Monday. I had set my goals for the days prior to the trip, and now I'm trying to get back on track.

From my last list:

1. Rally the troops: The house was relatively clean when we left. Now is a different story.

2. Return all the laundry to its home: I got the first round of laundry put away. The second round (the day before we left) didn't get put away, though.

3. Respond to a few emails: The emails have moved from my inbox to open windows.

4. Reviews:  I can't remember if I did one or two. I do remember finishing one on the road.

5. Ready to go: I got out the door without leaving behind anything important. As far as I know, I also remembered to send most everything the kids needed for their week at Papa and Nana's house.

6. Run: I didn't make another chance to run before we left, and I didn't even take running shoes on our trip. I'm struggling with determining if this is a priority that may have to slide a bit for the next few months.

Goals from when I was gone:
1. Find a House: Accomplished.

2. Explore our new home town: In between appointments to see rental houses, we were able to explore quite a bit of our new community. I'm definitely happy that I'll be able to move in and already know where a good Target is, what products I can count on finding at the Commissary, and where the library is. We may have even found a new church home.

3. Read: Accomplished. I took a totebag full of some of Addison's books for next school year so that I could get a jump on reading. I finished one book, and read five others. I'll consider it a good start.

This week's goals:
1. Basics: Bible reading, cleaning the kitchen, prepping dinner before the last minute, putting away the laundry, etc.

2. More reading: There's a few things that I'd like to read for myself, but I also want to keep making progress with reading school books.

3. Make a moving notebook: I'm going to find a three-ring-binder and gather all of the important and useful things that I'll need to keep track of while we move. Perhaps the most important thing I need to do is to print a calendar that goes from now until the move (mid-July); my current calendar stops in June and I have July dates starting to pile up in my head.

4. Add to the Goodwill pile. It would be awesome if the Goodwill piles made it to Goodwill this week, too.

5. Finish an overdue book review. I'd love to finish the new blog button and header that I have floating around as an idea in my head, but that may not be a realistic goal for this week.

6. Post next week's Goal Planning Monday list!

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  1. Planning a move is a huge goal in itself! Wishing you all the best as you work on that and all of your goals this week!



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