Monday, March 19, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- March 19, 2012

This week is Spring Break in our area. As much as I'm trying to carry on as normal, Spring Break for everyone else has sort of turned our normal routines upside down -- different therapy times, cancelled evening activities, an all day service project, friends with free time, etc. I'm still trying to press on with some semblance of our normal days. (And lest you think I'm a homeschooling slave master, my kids already had a mini Spring Break in February and we have more days off planned in April and May.)

How I did on last week's goals:
1. Counters, schoolwork, a clean desk, bedtime, and Bible reading. DONE. (It wasn't 100% perfect, but I'm slowly building good habits.)

2. Clean out my email inbox. DONE. My inbox is now in the single digits. WOW!!!

3. Sort through all the school materials that I drug out of the attic and dumped in the sunroom. I want to get everything organized before our move this summer. HALFWAY. I guess my goal just said to sort, and they're mostly sorted. The problem now is that there's a dozen stacks spread out in the sunroom.

4. Make a menu plan (and shopping list) for the next two weeks. DONE. I even did all the grocery shopping for two weeks.

This week's goals:
1. Counters, schoolwork, a clean desk, a reasonable inbox, Bible reading, and bedtime.

2. Neatly put away all of the school materials, and find a way to share the things that I don't want to keep anymore.

3. Run. I've found that my knee is healed enough to be out running, but unfortunately, I've gotten out of the habit of making time in the day to exercise. I ran this afternoon and plan to run two more times this week.

4. Make significant progress on the baby blankets I'm working on. One of them is perhaps a quarter done, and then I have the matching one to do also.

5. Start to write down homeschool plans for next year. I also need to read the book I have on homeschooling a High Schooler.

If you'd like to join me setting a few goals this week, please feel free to link up at Mama Manuscripts weekly meme here.

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  1. Visiting from GPM - Wow! Great! You got all your goals from last week mostly done. That is great.

    Is this your first child in High School?? If it is and you have any questions just ask. I am working on my fourth child in High School, and last. My third some will graduate this year and then I will only have one I am homeschooling next year... that will be weird.

    Are you knitting, crocheting, or quilting the baby blankets and make sure you post pictures when you get done.

    Great job on getting back to exercising. I need to do that and keep putting it off, though I won't be out running, I will be working out on the Wii.

    I hope you had a great week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday when we link up again.



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