Monday, February 6, 2012

Goal Planning Monday, February 6th

Somewhere around the beginning of December, life sort of exploded on me. In the midst of all the busy activities that go along with Christmas, most of our family made a whirlwind trip to DC so that Lauren could have a few days of doctors' appointments at NIH. When January rolled around, I planned to get back into more organized days. Unfortunately, a stubborn virus plowed over three members of the family (including me) and not as much got done as I had hoped.

I'm determined to get back on track this week.

Goals for this week:

1. Get back into the habit of cleaning the kitchen (including the peninsula) and preparing school assignments before going to bed at a reasonable time.

2. Write a long overdue blog update about Lauren and her latest appointments.

3. I also hope to do several small organizing projects. First on my list is to find a storage spot for all of my diabetic supplies and get them all neatly put away. I probably shouldn't admit that some of it is still piled in the boxes it came in a few weeks ago.

If you'd like to join me in setting some goals, be sure to visit Mama Manuscript's Goal Planning Monday here. I found last fall that I accomplished a lot more done when I set goals for myself (and make them public) than if I just make mental lists of things that I'd like to accomplish. I'm hoping the same will hold true now as I start back with my weekly goal planning.


  1. Cristi, I will pray for you about your goals and will look forward to hearing about Lauren's appointments. I'm so sorry you guys got that awful virus that has been going around! You'll bet reorganized. Sometimes life just takes over. Remember Exodus 14:14, which is my theme verse for the time being: "God will fight your battles. You need only be still." Of course, Moms can't be still on the outside, but you can be still on the inside! You inspire me, sister! Love, Jerri

  2. I love that you have a peninsula in your kitchen - I guess I do too, and that sounds classier than just the "counter" somehow. ;-)



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