Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- February 20

I participated in Goal Planning Monday a few weeks ago and had a great week -- everything seemed just a bit more organized and I got a few nagging projects complete. I should take a picture of my nicely organized bathroom cabinet.

Unfortunately, when last week got crazy, I didn't set any goals for myself and even let my standing goals fall by the wayside. By the time Friday rolled around, the messy kitchen counter was starting to drive me crazy and I realized that I really need goals to work on each week. I'm writing these goals down and linking with my friends at Mama Manuscripts so that I'll have a bit of accountability in keeping them.

1. Back to the basics (again). Clean the kitchen counters and peninsula every night. Prepare school assignments for all of the kids.

2. Go to bed at a reasonable time. My goal is 10:00, and I know that this will require me to be more careful with how I spend my time during the days. No more midnight cupcake baking sessions or late-night review posts.

3. Continue my physical therapy exercises. I can't wait until my legs get strong enough to be out running again.

4. Include at least a few fun activities into our homeschool week and then share pictures.


  1. I need to make clean kitchen counters every night a daily goal. The day goes so much better when the kitchen is clean and free from clutter.

  2. It is truly amazing how much better my morning seems when I am greeted by a clean counter when I go into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee!!

    I've been thinking I need to set a bedtime as one of my goals too. *sigh*



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