Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude Challenge -- Day 28

While I was rushing to cook dinner this evening, I accidentally knocked a salt shaker out of the cabinet. Unfortunately it landed on top of one of our polish pottery soup bowls. One of the ones we bought in Poland about 12 years ago when we were living in Germany.

I had already had a frustrating day, and I was upset about breaking something that isn't easily replaced.

I'm thankful that my husband didn't say anything. He understood that accidents happen and wasn't mad at all.

I'm even more thankful that my husband searched online until he found an exact replacement for the broken one.


  1. My heart sank, glad I read til the last line! I have a friend who collects these piece by piece. So glad hubby found another!

  2. Phew! Such a treasure, your husband and the plate! I love my Polish Pottery too, but I haven't been to Germany, sounds like reason enough to go to me! Hope tomorrow is a better day! Blessings!



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