Monday, November 28, 2011

Goal Planning Monday: November 28th

In the all of the busyness of Thanksgiving preparations, I neglected to check in last week. I did have a scribbled to-do list and managed to get most of my little projects done. Our big accomplishment was finishing all of the photo gift projects that we wanted to order for Christmas gifts -- no easy undertaking.

Goals for this week:

1. Continue the habit of cleaning the kitchen (including the peninsula) and preparing school assignments before going to bed at a reasonable time. I need to work on the "reasonable" part of this goal.

2. Christmas preparations: address Christmas card envelopes, order the last few things that I want to buy, and start wrapping presents

3. Blog: continue my thankfulness posts and write three reviews

4. Print out the December 2011 and some of the 2012 pages for my planner so that I can make sure I'm not mixing up too many commitments.

5. Go get a flu shot (and drag the two big kids with me).

If you'd like to join me in setting some goals, be sure to visit Mama Manuscript's Goal Planning Monday here. I find that I get a lot more done if I set goals for myself (and make them public) than if I just make mental lists of things that I'd like to accomplish.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Christi,
    I am visiting from Goal Planning Monday. It sounds like you did well last week and I am glad you are joining up again. I too have been working on Christmas plans, it is fast approaching. Also, it is interesting that you are working on your planner. I printed out some pages for my planner today also.



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