Friday, July 8, 2011

VBS in Discovery City

I gathered all the pictures for today's post, but then decided that Addison (also known as Petunia Periwinkle) would be the best choice to explain them. I've turned the blog over to her for the rest of today's post.

For VBS, we did a skit every day, part of a continuous drama. I played the part of Petunia Periwinkle, who wants to be a celebrity. The best way I found to write this was to summarize each of the five days.
     Sadie, Sally and Susie run a cafe in Discovery City. They meet a prospector named Caleb Foster who tells them the good news of Jesus, and they become children of God.
     Then, Petunia Periwinkle comes in on the stagecoach, thinking she's in San Francisco. Sadie tries to tell her about Jesus, but she's too busy thinking about her audition to think much about it. She learns that she's not in San Francisco, but unfortunately the stagecoach only comes through once a month.
     She meets a traveling salesman named Dr. Marvel, who is Caleb's twin brother, and begs him to take her to San Francisco with him. He agrees, and sells her some of his fake medicine. 
     The "medicine" ruins her hair, and Petunia ends up furious with Dr. Marvel. She makes the sheriff and his deputy, Theodore and Otis, arrest him, and Dr. Marvel put him in jail. Meanwhile, Otis and Theodore are preoccupied with Jake "the Snake" Jackson, the meanest outlaw in the West. He gets away with robbing the bank, and Otis and Theodore are tied up in broad daylight.
     Theodore is upset and thinks he isn't fit to be sheriff. Susie convinces Otis that it's all right that they made a mistake, they just have to make sure they don't make that mistake again. Otis gets Theodore to go back to being sheriff, just in time to have Jake "the Snake" Jackson show up. Apparently Sadie put a Bible in his money bag when he robbed the bank the other day. Now he's been saved, and is no longer an outlaw.
     So that was the happy ending! I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think the pictures turned out pretty good.


  1. This is a great idea! Is that you on the left in the second pic? Wow, you look so young!!
    I'm here searching for Edna...found her. I want to follow you but for some reason none of the GFC's are loading (your site isn't the first one I visited with this trouble). I think I'm already following you anyway :)

  2. No, that's one of the teens standing beside my daughter in the second picture. I did include a (fairly hideous) picture of me in the post yesterday. Thanks for stopping by!



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