Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Bible School: Arkansas Style

Whenever we move, we realize how different churches do things differently and we find favorite things about each. In the summer, regardless of where we live, all of the kids enjoy Vacation Bible School. Last week, we pulled out our collection of VBS song CD's from our church in Virginia, rocked out in the minivan, and headed off to see what VBS looks like in Arkansas.

One of the first things Addison noticed was that our new church tends to sing a lot of the traditional songs -- the books of the New Testament, Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine, If You're Happy and You Know It, Roll the Gospel Chariot, etc. Unfortunately, Addison found one traditional song that she just can't stand -- "Booster, Booster." Perhaps even more unfortunately, she let one of the youth ministry interns know that she didn't like that song. Guess who was later serenaded by the entire youth group singing, "Don't be grouchy like a rooster!"

I'm not sure we learned any completely new songs during this VBS, but we did learn some new verses. The Hippopotamus Song was a bit hit before, and now we know verses about a kangaroo and a manatee. I really wish I had taken some picture of the kids bouncing around like Manatees with little flippers (just their hands) flapping out at their sides.

Even the old songs sometimes had new verses added. One of the big hits each day was singing the verse in "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy" where the devil can sit on a tack. We had a devil puppet that would go flying through the air during that verse. On the last morning, our preacher was leading the singing and suggested that if the devil doesn't like it, he'd get sprayed by a skunk. Yes, all the kids acted out a skunk lifting his tail and spraying the devil.

And finally, I could only shake my head when I heard the Arkansas version of "I'm a little green frog." It starts off, "I'm a little bitty hog, and God loves me" and ends with  "I'm a great big Razorback and God Loves Me... (snort)... (snort)... (snort)." My husband took the following lovely picture of me being a Razorback (that's my hog nose). I guess I really will do anything to keep the kids excited during VBS.

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  1. Remember, you learned to call the hogs when you were just learning how to talk! I knew it would all come back someday!



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