Friday, June 3, 2011

Blast from the Past

It seems like I have a bit more time to blog while Lauren's "grounded." (The transplant team wants her to stay at home for a few weeks so that she fully recovers from the pneumonia.)

Today I'm joining in the fun at Debbie's Digest and posting a "Blast from the Past" photo. My dad was scanning some old slides the other night and sent me this picture. It was taken at my grandparent's house, probably just before I started Kindergarten (1978).

Inquiring minds wonder why there's a big stick underneath the Big Wheel. I wonder if I thought I could ride over it. Perhaps it was stuck there to keep me still enough to take a picture. If I remember my childhood stories correctly, I later tripped over the Big Wheel and knocked out my front teeth.


  1. I'm voting for parking brake while the picture was taken. Sure was one good looking kid who grew up to be remarkable woman! Dad

  2. Oooh-I loved my Big Wheel!! One Saturday morning when I was not quite three, my parents woke up and found the front door open and I was missing. They went running out in a panic and found me riding my Big Wheel up and down the sidewalk. I don't personally remember that incident, but I do remember being too big to fit on the Big Wheel and being sad. LOL

  3. Thanks for joining up Cristi.

    Great photo. What a cutie you were... and still are!

    I don't think I had a Big Wheel. I was too big when they were popular. I looked at the history online and they were first made in 1969, I was 8, but they did not become popular for a few years after that. I know my nephews had them later and I would "ride" on the back and push them with one foot on and one off or run behind them and push.

    Oh, by the way. I changed the linky that I used because your link was not showing up correctly. I added you in to the new linky already myself. If I did something wrong or you want your name different let me know and I can delete it so you can enter it the way you want.

  4. I thought this was Addison at first glance!



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