Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365 (more or less) -- Week Seven

A picture for each day this week. I'm quite impressed with myself.

Monday, February 14th got its own blog entry, but here's the highlight picture of the day.

Tuesday, February 15th was a great day for playing outside. Look who's back to normal!

Wednesday and Thursday, January 16th and 17th -- apparently Brennan wore the same set of pajamas to school both days.

Friday, February 18th -- Brennan's (slightly belated) Birthday Party

Saturday morning, February 19th -- Even when boys don't get much sleep, they still wake up ready to go. Thank goodness that it was nice outside so they could play. (Notice how they're all color coordinated.)

Sunday, February 20th --  Lauren and Brennan were playing with Brennan's new Beyblades. They let me join them for a while so that we could do a three-way battle, but mine kept losing.

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