Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Celebrations, Part 2

Brennan managed to get two birthday celebrations this year -- the weekend before his birthday with one set of grandparents and the day of his birthday with his other set of grandparents.

A few months ago, Brennan told Oma and Opa that he really wanted hockey sticks so that he could play roller hockey in our driveway. They found a set that included sticks and a goal:

We were hoping for warmer weather in Georgia. Thanks, Dad, for playing so many cold games of hockey with him.

Even Lauren got into the action for a little while:

That evening, we had a simple pan of brownies for dessert. My 2010 supply cake decorating skills had already been depleted by this point.

Lesson learned from the brownies: Wait until they cool a bit before you insert the candles. I baked the brownies while we were eating dinner and tried to serve it immediately afterwards. Hot brownies melt wax candles:

It was still yummy! The kids talked about how they were extra tasty because of the extra wax and spit.


  1. Live and learn. :) That's something I would do, so definitely a good tip to pass on.

    Happy Birthday, Brennan!

  2. We're still having unusually cold weather here in metro Atlanta. They are predicting snow again tonight!

  3. I never would have even thought about the brownies melting the candles!! I'll have to remember that for the future, because that would be tragic. I LOVE brownies.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Brennan. I miss visiting with you and Addison on Wednesday nights at church (while your dad was singing with the praise team.) Hope you had a nice birthday X two!



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