Monday, January 10, 2011

Bible in 90 Days -- Off to a Good Start!

Several years ago, I was part of a church that challenged every member to read through the Bible in a year.

This year I've accepted a challenge to read through the Bible in 90 days. The idea is to read through at such a pace that I can see the big picture of God's story and not get bogged down in analyzing the details.

So far, so good. I have a copy of the Holman Translation on my nook, and I've been reading while Lauren's in therapy every weekday. I started a few days early and built up a small cushion so that hopefully I can finish with everyone else on April 2nd. Right now I'm about halfway through Numbers. Wow is it going fast!


  1. Halfway through Numbers? Wow... :)

    You're doing awesome! I'm so excited to have the chance to do this with you!

  2. Good for you. Glad someone is doing it along with me. :) It helps when I can stay accountable.



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