Saturday, April 18, 2009

Springtime (at last)

I'm not sure how I feel about starting a new season in Philadelphia. Warmer days are sort of clashing with my whole Groundhog Day mindset. Nonetheless, we've finally had a few days of spring-like weather to enjoy here, and I might grow to enjoy springtime up here.

Over the past few weeks, we've had a child-life intern working on our floor. He will be greatly missed. Yesterday was his last day, and four of the patients (pretty much everyone that felt up to a field trip) got to go outside for a small farewell party.

I promised several people that I'd share pictures of the "big outing".

I couldn't help but post a picture of just some of the crowd and our assorted equipment. There were four patients, four parents, three portable monitors (note that portable does not necessarily mean easy to carry), two IV poles, a wagon, a tricycle, two nurses, three people from child-life, an oxygen tank just in case, bubble mix, a kite, and two cans of silly string.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside, even if it was a bit sunny for the little ones who hadn't been out in quite a while.

While we were outside, Meredith, one of our child life specialists, decided it was a perfect day for ice cream. Since Lauren hasn't ever had any milk products before, I decided that it wouldn't be the smartest of ideas to let her have a sundae. Instead, I told her to just bring a cup of water from McDonalds. She looked at me doubtfully, but it worked. Lauren was absolutely thrilled with her cup of water, even if she can't drink out of a straw yet. When we got back inside I even had to pour the "McDonalds water" into her sippy cup so that she could carry it around with her the rest of the day and try to sip it.

We were doubly blessed with another gorgeous day today. After Lauren's nap, we were sitting in the playroom, and she asked me if today was a "going-outside" day. Meredith overheard her asking and decided to see if it would be okay to do a repeat performance again this afternoon. (The doctors have to approve her going off the floor, there has to be enough nursing staff, etc, etc.) We took less people this afternoon, and it was wonderful to watch Lauren just relaxing in the sunshine.

I think I could get used to these sorts of days.


  1. Lauren looks like Ms. Hollywood in those glasses! So happy you guys are able to get out and enjoy the weather! Praying for you all!

  2. I'm glad you guys could enjoy the sunshine a bit and so glad they let you have a repeat on it!

  3. Yay! Love the glasses! Steve and I had hoped to come over this weekend. He's got the stomach bug and Jessica seems to have similar symptoms. We'll stay away from hosp. right now! I'm so glad you've had these outside opportunities. Makes me feel better about not making it over. GIGATTAATTGIG!!!

  4. I just love the picture of Lauren and her friend, it's precious. Fresh spring air feels so good!

  5. Hey Cristi! It's me, Jennifer (Weaver) from Valdosta. I live up in VA now. Mom told me about your carepage and I found your blog. We are thinking of you guys and praying for you!!

  6. Love the pictures...know it was wonderful to be outside..keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers...

    Terry Johnson



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