Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Three month mile marker

Once again, I can't manage to combine a slideshow and comments in the same post. Instead of continuing to struggle with it, I'll just leave it be as two posts.

In no particular order, I've chosen some of my favorite pictures taken while Lauren's been in Philadelphia so far.

PS -- Tim, I'll get you a band-aid picture on the next "poke day". Katherine, you can tell Nelson that the rainbow picture was taken out of Lauren's room. We'll post more pictures of her room for him soon.


  1. Cristi, The pictures are wonderful! Lauren looks like she has grown some since the last time I saw her!! You look so good and it fun to see you enjoying each moment with Lauren. The rainbow picture is amazing!! What a blessing!!

    Joy to your day! love, Vanessa

  2. Lauren and you look beautiful! I love the rainbow, and I imagine it was a comfort to see it from Lauren's room! You are proving that there is joy to be found in every situation, as long as God is in charge. We love and miss you guys! Love, Jerri and Don

  3. The rainbow promise was there for Noah and it was there for you, Cristi! I believe with all my heart that He wanted you to see it. What a blessing!

    Actually, you're getting pretty good at counting your blessings in multiple ways. This was yet another great way! Praise Him!


    Yup! God loves you and I do too,

  4. I am a member at the Pitman Church of Christ. I sat tonight reading first Tims' blog and then yours. I could almost feel the strong love the two of you have for each other and your family through the words I read. Your God is sustaining you and He is waiting right along with you both and has you in the palm of His hand. He knows what you need. Be patient. He will see you through all of this. We are all praying for you and your family. Our love to you.

  5. Tim and Cristi,

    Lauren has grown into such a beautiful little girl! It's been two years since I have seen her. We'll have to come back to Fairfax for a visit sometime soon.

    ~Jill Kerby



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