Friday, May 22, 2015

Random Five on Friday, May 22nd

On a trip years ago I propped up our camera up on a bench, figured out how to use the self-timer feature, and took what our family calls "fam-ies." It's a selfie of the whole family, but we use the camera's timer instead of trying to hold an iPhone far enough out to get us all in the picture.

Last week we spent a day or two house hunting and then took a little Route 66 side trip on the way back home. I have far more than five random stories to tell from that trip, so I decided I'd just share five of the fam-ies we took.

If you'd like to join the Random 5 on Friday fun, you can either click on the cute birdhouse button below or visit The Pebble Pond.

The Pebble Pond

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