Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diabetes Didn't Win (#showmeyourpump)

Diabetes may have won the battle of carrying a tiny purse.

Diabetes sometimes wins when I say no to a cute dress because it'll be too hard to find a way to attach my insulin pump to it.

Diabetes often wins the battles over dessert. Making smart food choices is a big deal when I know that I will pay for my choices with nasty blood sugar highs and lows later on.

Diabetes did not win over what I most wanted to do last weekend.

It started several months ago when one of my running buddies talked about doing a Triathlon. I was promised that a Sprint Triathlon wasn't really all that bad and that this particular race was very well run. More importantly, several of my friends were going to do it.

I started thinking -- I run regularly, I used to swim fairly well, and I'm sure I could ride a bike for that long. Then I started thinking about the logistics of competing with diabetes. I wasn't at all sure how I'd manage for a triathlon, but I didn't want diabetes to win before I even started the race.

I was able to leave my pump with a volunteer by the side of the pool so that my continuous glucose monitor could reconnect easily after the swim portion. I checked my blood sugar with a finger stick during each of the transition times and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that the cgm was indeed keeping an accurate track of my numbers. The rest of the time I could focus on competing.

Perhaps my favorite picture from last weekend was one taken as I existed the pool area. I'm reconnecting my insulin pump after the swim.

I didn't let diabetes stop me.

Last weekend, Miss Idaho wore her insulin pump during the Miss America Pageant. Many people lately have posted pictures with the #showmeyourpump hashtag that she coined. I'm proud to post my own #showmeyourpump picture to encourage others.

Finishing last weekend's race was more than just finishing a race for me. It was proof that diabetes doesn't have to stand in my way.

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