Monday, June 4, 2018

First Day Photos -- June 2018

When I posted my first day photos back in January, I was thinking about taking a bit of a blog vacation. I didn't expect it to last quite this long.

Nothing bad happened. I just needed some time off of the pressures of writing stuff to post publicly.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit of a pull to get back to sharing about our life and probably even recording some of the years ago stories that I've never written down. I may not write every week, but I hope it won't be five months between blog posts next time.

What better way to jump back into blogging than to once again snap everyday pictures on the first day of the month. (Full disclosure: June 1st was perhaps too everyday for even everyday pictures so these are all from June 2nd.)

About a month ago, we moved from base housing to the new house we built. It's been a crazy move, and I suspect it'll be a long time before everything is put away. I decided the boxes could wait while we enjoyed the summer weekend.

Summer reading:

Close up of her emoji socks:

I'm exploring new paths for my runs. Instead of running beside the flightline, I'm exploring a path that runs along a creek bed for several miles. (And of course, enjoying the mountain views.)

Lauren and I spent a fun afternoon with friends attempting to conquer the inflatable obstacle course at the pool.

I also made my way successfully across. I credit years (and years) of ballet class for my balance skills. And lots of good luck.

Our favorite life guard (who didn't want to pose for a picture):

While Lauren, Brennan, and I were hanging out at the pool, Tim was off backpacking with a group of scouts. He didn't get any pictures of himself, but kindly contributed this gorgeous photo of an alpine lake they found so that I could include it in my collection.

Addison is in Ohio doing engineering research this summer. I didn't ask her for first day pictures. I have a feeling their robotic stuff is top-secret anyway.

I have a few more blog post ideas brewing, especially as I start planning for our next homeschool year. I plan to continue with first day photos now that I've gotten back on track. I've missed capturing little things like emoji socks and successful runs across the pool obstacle course.

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  1. I missed your posts, but life gets busy sometimes! glad you are back!



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