Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Silent Nights

As I was driving last night, I realized how different life is this December. Our fall was rather crazy as we tried to settle into a somewhat consistent school schedule while still juggling umpteen doctors appointments and countless hours driving between here and Denver.

Our activity calendar this December is actually legible. For the past few years, our Decembers have been packed with choral events.

For the three years we lived in Arizona, Addison sang with the Advanced Choir in the Tucson Girls' Chorus. Their holiday season officially kicked off with the big concert where they were invited to sing with some of the choral groups at the University of Arizona and continued through all sorts of other performances that month.

The next year, Lauren joined TGC as a Ladybug. Addison still had lots of holiday concerts, but we were sometimes able to hear both girls sing on the same night.

When we moved to Colorado, we traded Tucson Girls Chorus for the Colorado Springs Children's Chorale. Again, like most performing organizations, we spent our Decembers hustling from one event to the next. In Colorado, though, it was both Lauren's and Addison's group that had packed schedules in December.

This year Lauren isn't singing with the chorale. It was just too big of a commitment for a little girl who misses so much for doctor's appointments and hospital stays.

And so, our December calendar that was once packed with music looks a bit bare this holiday season. I don't miss the crazy drives all over town, but I do miss the concerts, the singing, and the smiles.

Perhaps most of all, in the midst of the all the silent nights I have this December, I miss hearing my girls singing Silent Night.

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