Thursday, November 2, 2017

First Day Photos -- November 2017

I never wanted to have a blog that was simply a place to put my homeschool curriculum reviews. Unfortunately, the past month has been a bit crazy and blogging took a backseat to binders full of homeschool assignments, lunches packed for days spent on the road to doctors' appointments, swim lessons, and just life.

In an attempt to play catch-up, I'm starting November fresh with a new collection of First Day Photos. It was perhaps the perfect day to show what life has been like lately.

5:17 am, Scripture Writing:

5:26 am, packing lunches:

5:36 am, morning meds ready to go:

5:45 am, someone definitely was not ready to get up:

5:49 am, loading the car:

6:04 am, we're leaving almost on time:

8:03 am, lab draw:

9:46am, math homework while we wait:

11:45 am, yoga class in Seacrest Studio:

11:57 am, interview with Fox News:

12:23 pm, heading back to Colorado Springs and eating our healthy lunches:

1:12 pm, lunch part 2 (Chick Fil A waffle fries):

5:03 pm, read-aloud with Dad:

I lost track of taking pictures as the day stretched on, and I completely failed to document the rest of the evening. Maybe next month will be better.

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  1. Love seeing your day! You all get up way too early though! 😎😜😘



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