Monday, July 3, 2017

First (and Second) Day Photos ~ July

About a week ago, I realized we were coming to the end of June. I made a mental note that it was almost time for First Day Photos. Next month, I'll make an actual written on my digital calendar reminder to take pictures.

Since I'm making up the rules as I go, I decided it would be okay to share photos from the first two days of the month.

Saturday night dinner with Arizona friends:
(note to self, next time take pictures before serving blueberry crisp)

Picture to answer Lauren's "what were Berry and I doing when you went to bed last night" question:

Checking to see what her hairstyle looked like from the back:

Almost ready to leave for church:

My morning to snuggle with little ones in the church nursery:

Lazy Sunday afternoon:

Study time:

Blueberry pancakes for dinner:

My cloudy view from the backyard:

I love Colorado nights and relaxing in the hammock:

I also managed to steal a recent Facebook picture of Addison to share. I'm pretty sure it was taken in Venice, and it was either the first or second day of the month. 

I just put a reminder (okay, a couple of reminders) on my phone so that I have a better chance to get a collection of photos all taken on the first day of next month. I hope it works!

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