Saturday, December 10, 2016

Random Highlights and Updates ~ Saturday, December 10

What I've been reading:

I haven't read as much as I'd like to for myself this week. I finished The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer and then started Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. A friend recommended Soar by Joan Bauer, and I set aside the other books when it was my turn for a library copy. Soar tells a gripping story of a 12-year-old boy who loves baseball and who had a heart transplant a few years earlier. My library copy had a "teen" sticker on the spine, but I think it would be a good read for an upper elementary student, especially one who loves baseball.

What we've been studying:

For our Science Olympiad Rocks and Minerals study, we had previously been borrowing mineral samples from another family on our team. I ordered a set for ourselves, and it came a few days ago. Not only will we be able to practice more frequently, we'll also get to see slightly different variations of the minerals.

I am still reading Anne of Green Gables to Lauren. Anne uses a lot of big words, but Lauren still understands the major things that are going on in the story.

What's been working in our homeschool:

Our days seemed to fall into place a bit better than usual this week, and we managed to get a bit more work done than usual. Lauren's Logic of English work is often pushed to the back burner for appointments and otherwise busy days, but we managed to get three lessons done this week. Lauren also started a book study covering Little House in the Big Woods. She's heard the book many, many times, so I think this will be a good introduction to formal book studies that she can work on independently.

What hasn't been working in our homeschool:

Many of Lauren's workbooks are quite thick, and they make for a heavy load when I put them all in a tote bag for days that she's working in the car, at the library, or wherever. I'm considering taking off the bindings so that I can put just a few days' worth in a binder, but I'm not sure she'd approve of the change.

How I've been keeping my hands busy:

The gift blanket that I've been working on for much of the fall is ready to be given this week. Lauren picked out the pattern and the yarn so that I could make a baby blanket for her transplant nurse practitioner. I'm quite impressed with how it turned out:

My newest projects is a lace shawl/wrap for a friend. I don't usually do a lot of lace work when I knit, but I like working with this pattern.

What else has been going on at our house:

Lauren's big Children's Chorale concert was last Sunday afternoon, and everything went well. She had a couple more Chorale performances this week and a few performances in conjunction with the Nutcracker before Christmas. Our Christmas musical at church is tomorrow night, and everything looked good at tonight's dress rehearsal.

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  1. Great highlights! Anne of Green Gables remains one of my favorite stories (and one of Kennady's too) partly because of Anne's big words. LOL The baby blanket turned out beautifully. Congrats to Lauren on the successful concerts. And thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!

  2. I am listening to Anne of Green Gables right now. I have never read the book. I am enjoying it so much!!



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