Friday, September 16, 2016

Five Random Things that Made Me Smile This Week

1. Organized photos: I finished sorting out all the boxes photos that I had dumped in my living room a few weeks ago. When you're a military family, you just sort by duty station and don't worry with pesky little details like dates.

2. Funny phrases:  Lauren came up with a true military kid saying the other day at the pediatricians office. The doctor was writing out a prescription, and Lauren asked me if I was going to take it to the Pharma-ssary (a combination of Pharmacy and Commissary).

3. Celebrating with friends: Earlier this week, I saw a picture of the cake that I made to celebrate a friend's family adopting their youngest son. A few nights later she texted me a picture of them enjoying the top layer of the cake on the second anniversary. There were so many leftovers that I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer similar to the tradition of saving the top layer from a wedding. They forgot all about it last year, and amazingly it was still good this year.

4. A successful repair: I started to go running one morning this week and realized that the ankle zipper on my tights was broken. It was one of my favorite pairs (and not the matching pair with a hole in the knee). I'm a bit determined, though, and today I managed to get the zipper back on its track. I then stitched over the broken teeth so that I can continue to wear them.

5. Customized alarms: A friend showed me how to customize the labels on my iPhone alarms. Even when Lauren's medicine schedule is crazy, I feel like I'm on top of it.

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