Saturday, August 6, 2016

When it rains ~ Random Five on Saturday

A little over a week ago, a late afternoon thunderstorm turned out to be more than just a little rain. We had about forty-five minutes worth of hail, some of which was golf ball sized or bigger. The base sustained quite a bit of damage. I heard that the housing area has more than 1400 broken windows to fix.

I've been busy dealing with the mess left after the storm and haven't blogged since then. I'll catch up tonight with a few random thoughts about our crazy week.

1. Seven windows on one side of our house were broken. The hail broke through both panes of the glass in two of the windows. Thankfully we were at home and able to pick up the hail that had fallen on/near our piano and then cover the broken window with a tarp.

2. We had two cars left outside and both of them were beat up rather badly. Both of them were declared total losses by our insurance company. We've spent a lot of time drinking the complimentary coffee drinks at one of the local car dealers this week.

3. Lauren is currently at chorale camp. It was quite a job to pack up all her food for the weekend (meals and snacks that would be safe for her allergies) and all her medical supplies. I'm very thankful for the camp nurse who didn't panic when I dropped everything off.

4. In addition to the window damage, the sprinkler system messed up this week too. I left home one morning and told Addison not to freak out if they started digging up the yard while I was gone.

5. On Thursday, we woke up to find the kitchen sink clogged and nearly overflowing. I finished up all of Lauren's camp meal preps without being able to use the sink in the kitchen. That afternoon it took the maintenance guy over an hour to clear out the clog.

I sure hope this coming week is a little less crazy and a lot less stressful!

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