Monday, April 25, 2016

Yellow Baby Clothes {Years Ago}

For some reason, I've never been a big fan of pastel pink clothes for baby girls. It might have something to do with the fact that my husband often described pink baby clothes as looking like Pepto Bismol. When Addison was a baby, many of her clothes were primary colored.

When Lauren was born, I found it very difficult to find cute preemie-sized clothes that weren't pastel. (And oddly, I found a lot of preemie clothes that were in neutral colors/patterns so that they could be worn by either a girl of a boy. I thought it strange because there's really no need to buy preemie clothes if the baby hasn't been born yet.)

She had a few pastel pink or purple outfits, but for some reason my favorites were all yellow.

Yes, for some reason, I wore pastel pink to her baby dedication and dressed her in yellow. (I should point out that one reason it was my favorite outfit on her was that it was one of the few outfits that fit her well when she was still under 5 pounds.) The other favorite yellow outfit had also been worn by Addison and Brennan. Besides, what's not to love about a sleeper that has a duck on the backside?

The only problem is that Lauren was more than just a little bit jaundiced when she came home from the hospital and for weeks to follow. I didn't necessarily see it at the time, but I look back at the pictures and wonder how it was that I didn't see how yellow she was.

At one of her many doctors' appointments, the GI nurse finally asked me if I would please stop dressing her in yellow when I brought her to the clinic. She suggested that I try blue or even pink so that her jaundice would be less shocking. (Apparently I took the advice with a pink outfit in the picture above, but let her keep the yellow pacifier.)

Of course, a few months later I had trouble convincing an ER nurse that my baby in a blue dress was actually a girl. She just couldn't wrap her mind around a baby girl wearing a blue flowered dress.

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  1. Celia had the same blue of my favorites!!

    I did buy her one "just in case" preemie outfit to come home in, but that's because Neal had to scramble when Matthew was born and was only 6 pounds. We had bought him a 3 month outfit to come home in...Luke was 8 pounds and supposedly later kids are bigger than the first. Yeah, neither kid followed that rule either.

    1. I saw preemie clothes for 4-5 pound babies (or smaller) that were nondescript green. Those were the ones that confused me.

  2. Aww, what fun memories! I love all the colors. :)

  3. I was always baffled by the yellow clothes, they seemed so generic to me. Now I know people do actually want them :) Yellow is not my happy color.

  4. My bg is only 2 months but I can't wait to do this! How big a quilt does it make? I want it to be big enough for her to use as an adult... Should I increase my square size?



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