Monday, February 1, 2016

No Drama Llama {Years Ago}

I've noticed a trend among Blogging Through the Alphabet posts over the past thirteen weeks. Often bloggers will spotlight a member of their family in their weekly post. I've done similar posts in past years, but I realized that I have never formally introduce a very important member of our family -- our No Drama Llama.

No Drama Llama can trace his origins back to our days of living in Arkansas. Addison sang with the Celebration Singers of Central Arkansas and went on trip or two each year with them.

She came home from one trip and told of a stuffed drama llama that was on their bus to ward away any unnecessary drama. (Their group included 6th through 12th graders -- lots of drama potential.)

A few years later, Brennan went to Boy Scout camp in Arizona and found that Camp Lawton's official mascot was the llama. Like any good Boy Scout he spent part of his spending money that week on a stuffed llama, complete with a faux leather harness.

I think we tossed around a few names for his llama but eventually we just started calling him our "No Drama Llama."

During the summer while Tim was deployed, I loaded up the car with the three kids to drive from Arizona to Florida for a beach vacation with my family. At the last minute, I decided that it would be a good idea to bring No Drama Llama along too.

No Drama Llama rode front and center in my car during our most recent move from Arizona to Colorado and then watched over the movers as they delivered our household goods.

We all recognize that our No Drama Llama has no power over any drama that may or may not ensue on any of our trips or for that matter on an every day basis around here. He does, however, tend to bring a hefty dose of humor to our days. For the comic relief he provides, he's worth is weight in gold.

We're just past the halfway point! This week is the fourteenth week in our Blogging Through the Alphabet challenge -- letter N. Click the button below for this week's linky.

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  1. Too cute! We also strive to be a "no drama" house. I have one child who could really use a visual reminder like this.... :)

  2. I wish I had had a no drama llama when I had my 4 foster daughters :-)



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