Friday, January 15, 2016

Random Five on Friday, January 15th

1. This week started with an exciting new delivery Monday afternoon. I connected my new Dexcom continuous glucose monitor to an app on my iPhone and easily watch my blood sugar.

2. Brennan often comes down late at night to fix himself a second dinner. His late night snacks often drip cheese all over the inside of the toaster oven. The other night I looked up from the computer and asked, "Is that cheese I hear sizzling in the toaster?" "No, mom." "Really? It's not cheese?" "No." "Okay, what is it?" "It's banana pepper juice dripping, not cheese."

3. Lauren's birthday was Thursday. I realized how different she is from her older brother. While Brennan wanted a super-cool, fondant covered football jersey cake, she wanted a cake that looked store-bought. I guess I did okay because she must've said "it looks just like it came from a store" at least a few dozen times.

4. I had my first craft fail of the year when I tried to make a pair of shoes. While it doesn't look horrible, the first shoe wasn't comfortable at all. I gave up on my shoe making dreams and tossed the other one in the trash can without even sewing it together.

5. The American Heart Association gives red hats to babies born in the month of February. I mailed ten itty bitty preemie hats to the Colorado chapter this week. I'll call these a craft win to balance out the shoe fail. (the Little Hats, Big Heart program)

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  1. made shoes?! That is so cool! I think your cake looks delicious. I'm going to have to tell my girls about #5. They love doing stuff like that. Me? I can't crochet, knit or sew to save my life!

  2. I wondered what you were crocheting in red, Wednesday night :-) We do hats for babies in Zambia for Yarn For Yahweh. A container will ship on February 6th, if you want to add some to the collection :-)

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  4. The tiny hats are adorable. Happy birthday to your daughter. Her cake looks perfect.



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