Monday, December 28, 2015

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular {Years Ago}

To make up for my ease in coming up with H ideas last week, this week I struggled with coming up with a Years Ago story starting with the letter I. Thankfully, Tim reminded me of a Disney World story that I didn't share a month or so ago when I was posting Disney pictures.

When we went to Disney World and Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2011, Tim had read several travel books to help us make the most of our trip. In one section, he learned that the attractions that had audience participants were looking for the people who acted the loudest and craziest in the audience. He was particularly interested in getting to be part of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

When we got into our seats, he was ready to scream loudly and act crazy so that he could participate. It worked.

Even after being chosen, he still had to show off his screaming abilities. (Tim's the one in the red shirt.)

All of the contestants put on costumes and got some coaching on their roles in the Stunt Spectacular show.

Tim was selected for a part that required him to die in the most dramatic way possible. Here he goes:

He might have a future in drama, don't you think?

The show continued on, and I have to admit that I was a bit jealous that he was right there in the middle of all the action. (If you look closely, you can find him in the first scene. I think he was safely back in his seat by the time the plane caught on fire, though.)

It was quite an exciting show and even more exciting to see someone from our family up on the stage during most of it. Sadly, Tim tells me that this show will be closing soon as part of the big renovations projects Disney is starting at Hollywood Studios/MGM/whatever they'll call it next.

While I was looking for the Indiana Jones pictures, I found another equally appropriate set for I week. They're too cute to leave hidden in the depths of my photo library so I'll share them as a bonus this week.

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  1. i struggled with finding an I word as well.. I went with this is an INTERESTING hymn. : ) visiting via the blogging alphabet post.

    It would have been fun to see this show.

  2. How fun! I agree that it was difficult to write for "I".

  3. How much fun was that!! Once in a lifetime experience probably!

  4. I got lucky with my I post, thanks to Hubby's new dog that was already named.

    This must have been a fabulous experience! :)



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