Monday, November 30, 2015

Easter Greetings {Years Ago}

In April 2004, I was perhaps getting a bit prideful. Tim had already been in Djibouti for a few months, and I was rocking the deployment. Addison was finishing up her Kindergarten year, and Brennan was three years old. It wasn't necessarily easy, but I was holding up okay.

As it so happened, Addison's birthday fell on Easter Sunday. Wasn't she cute?

Somehow I got both kids up and all of us dressed early enough that we could open her birthday presents before we left for church. If I remember correctly, I was on the ball enough to get us all ready, pack something for a potluck lunch, and gather all the baskets we would need for the egg hunt afterwards.

Her favorite gift that morning was a set of bunny sunglasses sent from her great-grandmother. Granny even sent a matching pair so that both kids could have some.

It was all cute until we got to church. You see, that month was our family's month to greet everybody as they entered.

And on that Easter Sunday, Addison insisted on wearing the bunny ear sunglasses the entire time. I was mortified.

Eventually, I got her to take off the glasses for a picture. (Note: she didn't let go of the bunny ears, just slipped them off long enough to have a friend take our picture.)

Every once in a while, Lauren does something or wears something that seems embarrassing to Addison or Brennan. I remind her that it's less embarrassing than bunny ear sunglasses on Easter Sunday.

I hope all of our US bloggers had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend! This week is the fifth week in our Blogging Through the Alphabet challenge -- letter E. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to share this week. Click the button below for this week's linky.

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