Monday, November 23, 2015

Disney Stories {Years Ago}

My family suggested that I share a few of our favorite stories from our trips to Disney World and Disneyland for this week of Blogging Through the Alphabet.

Sometimes we don't have to retell a years ago story in order to start laughing; sometimes it just takes a single sentence. One great example comes from a trip to Disney World when the big kids were still little. (Please, ignore the slapped cheek look for both of them. Fifth disease isn't contagious once the initial fever has passed, and the slapped cheeks lasted for weeks.)

Addison was five on this trip, and Brennan was just a few days shy of turning three. We went with my mom and dad, my sister, and her new husband. While visiting Disney-MGM studios, Addison went on the Tower of Terror with the guys. As we headed back to the hotel room that night, Oma asked her what her favorite ride of the day was. 

Addison answered, "Well, it WASN'T the Tower of Terror."

A few years later, we traveled from Arkansas back to Orlando. Lauren proved that she was quite the roller coaster rider on that trip. She was indeed tall enough to ride Space Mountain, and she proudly declared that she would ride with the big kids instead of with me. Space Mountain at Disney World has two cars, each holding three passengers in a single file configuration. All day I had ridden rides with Lauren securely tucked by my side. This time, however, she confidently climbed into the front car with one big kid in front and one big kid behind. I was terrified that she'd fly out during the ride and neither of them would notice. (I know. A mom's allowed to be a bit irrational when getting on roller coasters.) Obviously she was fine. She was indeed so fine and so thrilled that she insisted on riding Space Mountain several more times that trip.

We also remember that trip for a very special encounter with Alice in Wonderland. We had arrived in the park early and saw Alice as we headed to ride the Tea Cups. The kids asked for her autograph, and she then asked if they would let her ride with them. What a special treat!

While we lived in Arizona, we went to Disneyland twice. The thing I remember most about our first trip is how very, very cold it was in California that January. Thankfully, the kids only remember that it was that trip to Disney where we saw Mickey Mouse right as we entered the park on our very first morning.

I fear that I will need to hide this post from my children. They might start making plans for another trip to Disney!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week is the fourth week in our Blogging Through the Alphabet challenge, and I'm thankful to have so many bloggers joining us. Click the button below for this week's linky.

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  1. Fun, fun! We have some dear fond memories of Disney time ourselves.

  2. We have never been to Disney, but it is on my lost of future vacations!

  3. We keep trying to plan a trip to Disney . . . one day!

  4. Steve and I say we fell in love at Disneyland :-) Long story! We have said someday we will go to Disneyworld, but the older we get the less likely it will happen. Now what your family will need to do is a Disney Cruise!! If you haven't met Tammy Whitting at church yet (the Christmas brunch will be at her house) All things Disney are her specialty and he can get you great deals :-)

    1. My family would love a Disney cruise -- we've heard stories from both the Leonards and the Bakers. As for Tammy Whiting, Tim keeps saying he wants to go to work for her because she has his dream job. ;)

  5. We've never been to Disneyland, but I'm sure my youngest two would love to. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures!



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