Sunday, October 18, 2015

What We Did Last Sunday

After spending a long day exploring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks last Saturday, we decided to stay close to camp on Sunday. After lunch, we set off on a hike up to the Popo Agie Falls.

Family picture shortly after we got started:

It was a little more than a mile and a half to the top, but the waterfalls we found were definitely worth the hike!

And a family picture from near the top:

We headed back to our camp, looking forward to dinner and s'mores. While the grown ups worked on pork chops, the kids relaxed. For a while Lauren was hanging out with her friend in the hammock. (Picture taken earlier during the trip)

Unfortunately, the girls somehow managed to flip the hammock over and Lauren landed on a rock below. Our relaxing dinner plans changed into first aid and google searches for the nearest hospital/ER room.

Thankfully there was a regional hospital fairly close. Even though it had what's perhaps the tiniest ER we've ever seen, it did have an ER. They were able to securely splint Lauren's broken arm until we could get home and get a real cast.

The campfire felt cozy when we returned later that night and the s'mores were as delicious as we had hoped! 

Lauren got a cast on Wednesday -- red and yellow stripes so that it would be Gryffindor colors for Halloween. She'll be good as new in another month or so.

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  1. Really beautiful pictures - so sorry you had to make an ER run in the middle of it. Can't believe poor Lauren has another broken arm!



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