Friday, October 9, 2015

Random Five on Friday October 9

Tim has a family day in conjunction with the Columbus Day federal holiday so we decided to spend the four day weekend camping with friends. We were worried about the temperatures if we stayed in Colorado because all of our potential locations were at fairly high altitudes. We decided to head north to explore Wyoming.

Today's random five thoughts were recorded as we set off on our adventure.

1. "The John D Rockefellor Memorial
highway. That's definitely what I would've picked to see in Wyoming." Addison, to Tim as we were leaving

2. "I mostly enjoyed listening to your music on the way up here." Tim, to Addison

Maybe this is why:

3. Lauren: "Mom, Brennan poked me."
Me: "He's on the other side of the car."
(Something I didn't hear)
Addison: "He leaned through me?"

4. Cheyenne is still in Broncos country.

5. Listening to The Brinkman Adventures: "It's a six foot by four foot wall of Bibles. Maybe they won't see them?"

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