Monday, July 13, 2015

Reverse Bucket List {July Blogging Challenge}

I'm so glad that today's blogging challenge prompt gave me the option to have a reverse bucket list. I don't have a written bucket list of things I'd like to do. Instead, whenever I do something cool or unusual or just plain crazy, I'll say, "I guess I can mark that off my bucket list now."

Here are some of the things I've marked off my (non-existent) bucket list in the past few years:

1. Hiked in the Grand Canyon

2. Went zip lining

3. Slept in a Wigwam

4. Finished a triathlon

5. Stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

6. Went sledding in White Sands, NM

7. Learned to play a song on the piano

8. Dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean

9. Visited Disneyland

10. Climbed on an F-16 at the Boneyard

With our upcoming move, I suspect I have plenty of adventures in store for the future. I wonder what else I can mark off my bucket list?

July Blogging Challenge

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