Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebration! {July Blogging Challenge}

Some of the best holiday weekends are ones when not much is planned. I think we all needed a break from all the rushing and hustling we've been doing the past few weeks.

We had a very long moving to-do list this weekend. Thankfully the list is more manageable now. We spent much of this morning sorting through and cleaning out stuff in the garage. I won't be ashamed to let the movers see it on Tuesday. And I won't be afraid of moving lots of stuff that we don't need.

This afternoon we hung out with some friends at a pool birthday party, complete with grilled burgers, hotdogs, and lots of boys wrestlings in the pool.

We finished the evening by watching the fireworks show on base. We parked away from the crowds a ways and ended up setting up our camp chairs in an empty parking lot that had a perfect view of the show.

Happy Fourth of July!

Or, as my husband so eloquently posted on Facebook this morning, "Happy Independence Day -- the day we celebrate being a united country!"

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