Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five Random Keepin' It Real Confessions

All this week some of my blogging friends have been taking readers on a sneak peek of their real life -- what their houses really look like, what messes don't always get cleaned up, etc. We're showing a side of our lives that doesn't always get photographed and doesn't usually show up on our blogs. We're all "Keepin' It Real" so that we can let other moms know that life doesn't always look like Pinterest.

I've been taking pictures all week, sharing some on Instagram and saving some for this blog post. Tonight I decided to share five Keeping' It Real confessions.

1. I have spiders that like to live near my front door. Black widows, to be exact. Every once in a while, late at night, I put on some sturdy tennis shoes and head outside with a flashlight to stomp on them all. Sometimes, though, the cobwebs accumulate faster than I can go spider hunting. Thankfully they don't show too badly from the street.

2. I don't start our homeschool day early in the morning. Some days of the week I get up really early to go running with friends. Other days I sleep in a bit more. It's not easy having a high schooler that often stays out late for activities and an elementary student that's up at 6:00 every morning. My goal is to finish breakfast and medicines by nine o'clock so I can start schoolwork with Lauren. I'd guess I have a 50/50 success rate with that.

Our homeschool room:

3. I try to wash dishes and clean off the counters after dinner each night.

I sometimes wake up in the mornings to find the kitchen looking like this:

4. I think having a messy desk is hereditary. I took pictures of the Lauren's desk in the schoolroom, Brennan's desk on the other side of the schoolroom, my desk in the front office area, and Addison's desk. Addison cleaned hers off last night. I've tried to clean mine, but it's hard to keep a shared area neatly organized.

5. Last week, I worked on cleaning up the master bedroom as part of the 34 Weeks of Clean challenge. I'm hoping that the clean, organized look in there will last for a while.

Do you sometimes feel like a failure when it comes to homemaking?  Do you ever beat yourself up for not keeping your house spic and span?  Do you thumb through magazines and ever wonder why your house can't look like that, or when you visit your favorite bloggers you wonder how they can keep a tidy home but you can't?

House porch with wicker furniture and flowers

Well, let's get REAL!!  You are NOT a failure; your house does NOT have to be spic and span 24/7; those magazine photos are NOT real life; and I can guarantee you that the neat and tidy pictures you see of bloggers' homes are hardly ever like that on a regular basis.

So I thought it would be encouraging and fun to do a little home tour of my own (along with several other bloggers - make sure you check out the other home tours at the end of this post).  You know, kind of like those lovely house tours that DIY/Home bloggers do that show pictures of their immaculate, magazine-worthy homes?  Like that, but a little different.  For this home tour we won't pretty up our houses or make them picture perfect, but rather show them as they are in their usual state - lived in!

We hope that through these home tours that you are encouraged to know that nobody has it all together, and that's okay; that you have fun peeking into the life of another family and seeing how other moms do things; and also to dispel the myth that bloggers have a flawless life.

BUT WAIT!  We want to see your homes too!!!  Even if you aren't a blogger, you can join us and share pictures of your home on Instagram.  For the next six days we will have a little Instagram challenge; each day will have a different topic for you to post a picture on.  Check out the graphic below to see what is assigned on each day.  Be sure to use the hashtag #KeepinItRealHomeTour on all your Instagram post so we can find each other easily. 

Keepin It Real Home Tour IG Challenge

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